Help us with a mini-mystery

Recently, one of the members of our organization – Restoration Exchange Omaha (REO) – picked up the booklet (at a garage sale)  shown in the photo below.  It was published by students at Madison School in 1941.  Where was this school?  Do you know of anyone who might have participated/or had family who participated in writing this booklet ( there is a listing of students inside).  REO would like to learn more.  ( click on the photo for a better look)

History South Omaha 1941

Guerrero in Omaha now

Yesterday I visited El Museo to view the exhibit Guerrero which highlights the varied art works in seven local districts in this southwest Mexico district.  It is quite startling to see such a wide variety of styles in local areas just a few miles apart.  Palm hats, masks, and more showcase these important works.  For more, click on the poster.