Attention: Teachers and students

Join us in South Omaha for La Veinticuatro – the South 24th Walking Tour. Our 90-minute walk highlights history, architecture, arts, and more along the South 24th Historic District between L and O Streets.
This year we have accepted a grant from the South Omaha Historical Committee to host 500 students from grades 3 thru graduate school to take the tour at NO COST ( normally a $3-7.50/person value).
Groups can arrange tour days and times convenient to their schedules. For this offer we ask for a maximum of 30 students/teachers/chaperones per tour.

La Veinticuatro – in its 5th year of touring – is a project of Restoration Exchange Omaha.

To register contact tour coordinator Vince Furlong at 402-709-2586 or

RESTORATION EXCHANGE OMAHA (REO) is a non-profit organization formed in July 2013 through the merger of Landmarks Inc., Restore Omaha and Omaha Urban Neighborhoods. REO seeks to become the premier regional preservation force dedicated to education and motivating the public to restore, preserve and rehabilitate older homes, properties and districts.

Did JFK ever appear on La Veinticuatro?

Both Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy made appearances in South Omaha and at the Livestock Exchange Buildings during their runs at the presidency, but John Kennedy never made a public appearance in South Omaha ( as far as I know).

The closest JFK came to South O was his appearance in 1962 at Offutt AFB to recognize its support during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Vice-President Johnson also attended that ceremony.



August 1959: Senator John F. Kennedy during session with the press in Omaha, Nebraska. Photo, Jacques Lowe.

Throughout 1959, Kennedy traveled the length and breadth of the land, with a full schedule of speeches and public appearances. In August, for example, Kennedy was the main attraction at a gathering in Omaha, Nebraska at the home of Bernard Boyle, a Democratic national committeeman.
At the event, known locally as “Bernie’s Barbeque,” Kennedy gave a brief speech and signed some copies of his book Profiles in Courage. He also told the 400 or so people and press assembled there that the May 10th,1960 Nebraska primary would be key to his election plan. Photographer Jacques Lowe had traveled with Kennedy to the Omaha event, and he snapped one of his iconic photos of Kennedy, displayed in the first photo above, with JFK projecting a relaxed, confident demeanor as press and visitors gathered around him.